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Each year, encore holds its annual Pet Cover Contest for many reasons: 1) We love animals; in fact, we bring our pets to work sometimes to de-stress from the weekly deadlines. 2) Our readers love pets, too, as assumed by all the papers that get swept up within hours after the first delivery of the pet issue. And 3) We use it as a fund-raiser for the folks at PAWS of NC, which hold Paw Jam annually and unfortunately are embarking on a hiatus after their 2011 event.

We had many entries for this year’s contest, and after much deliberation, all 12 employees, including interns, cast their votes. Dirk and Frank stole our hearts—two beagles of Anita and Daniel Allison, who also have a female Blue Tick Beatle, Daisy Mae. “She’s a typical female,” Anita says. “She wants her own way.”

We interviewed Dirk and Frank about their lives as two well-loved dogs. Here’s what they had to woof:

e: Tell us a little about yourselves: Your breed, where ya came from, how ya know one another and how old you are…
Dirk:  Originally, I’m from the New Bern area. I may be 8- to 10-years-old. I was lost and a nice lady who worked at a veterinarian’s office found me and tried to locate my owners with no response. That was five years ago. Luckily, I was adopted by my new parents  and learned a whole different way of life, including toys, treats and affection!

Frank: I am a Beagle mix. Some say I look like a Walker hound. My original family did not want me anymore when I was seven months old. They called animal control to get me, and I ended up at the New Hanover Humane Society. I was on TV one Friday morning as the “Pet of the Week” when my mother-to-be saw me and took me home the same day—thank goodness!  I am now two years and three months old.

Frank and Daisy Mae cuddle together in blissful comfort. Courtesy photo.

e: Do you have girlfriends?
Frank: We both have a friend that is a girl—she lives with us.
Dirk: Her name is Daisy Mae.


e: What’s you’re favorite thing to do with Daisy?
Dirk: I like to clean her ears and face!
Frank: I like to bite her ears and try to get her to run!

e: What’s your fave way to wile away the day?
Dirk: We sleep and guard the house from any cats, birds, squirrels, humans.
Frank: We also get to play in the backyard when a family member is home.

e: Do you guys sleep on the bed with your parents at night?
Frank: Yes, our bed is a king-size bed, and we let our parents use it, too.

e: Tell us one of your favorite dreams.
Dirk: One of my favorite dreams is running and playing in the yard with Frank and Daisy.
Frank: I like it when I finally catch that cat that keeps walking past my yard!

e: What’s the best treat you’ve ever received?
Frank: The steak I took off the plate when Mom was cooking on the grill last week.
Dirk: All treats are good to me. I didn’t have that kind of stuff in my former life.

e: Do you hunt?
Dirk: Like in hunt which toy we want out of the toy basket? Yes!

e: What are your favorite toys?
Frank: Stuffed animals, hooves, chew toys, and sometimes the big fluffy or black cat that lives with us.

e: Have any life philosophies?
Frank: Never leave the kitchen when there is a chance food will be prepared.

e: What are the funniest things your mom and pop do?
Dirk: Tell us they have to go to work to make “milk bone money.”

e: If people could live a day in your paws, tell us what they would do and see.
Frank: No way! I am not telling, then they would want to live here, too!

e: Squirrels or rabbits?
Dirk: We have lots of squirrels outside!
Frank: But they don’t come in. I don’t know why!

e: If you could hang out with any famous dog, who would it be?
Frank and Dirk (simultaneously): Underdog! He is our hero!



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