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  • TEARS OF A CLOWN:  Josh Russell sports 16 tattoos, two of which showcase his sense of humor, hence teardrops on his fingers. Courtesy photo.

    Decoding Ink

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    In this era of constant techno-logical advancement, much of our connection with others is virtual. We text, we IM, we video chat and so on. As we further sever our ties from face-to-face interpersonal interaction, the one relationship that will (hopefully)...

  • Courtesy of  Mary Miller

    Decoding Ink:

    Sep 20, 11 • 4344 Views • Decoding Ink, EXTRA! EXTRA!3 Comments

    For centuries Westerners have associated the tattoo with the marauder, the pirate, the savage. As the timeline stretches and humanity finds itself immersed in post-modernity, what place in society does the tattoo now have? In the American South, especially as...

  • Decoding Ink:

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    The seedy tattoo parlors and un-sterilized engraving pens of yesteryear are only a faint glimmer in the tattoo industry’s history. Today, the tattoo’s rough-around-the-edges past has matured and been graced with a refined and delicate touch in its...