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The best-of draws a lot of attention. not just to encore or its winners, but to readers who love to indulge their favorites. It leads to conversations about what it means to be recognized among the community as top-notch. These talks are great to have; they keep us aware of what we expect among the ever-evolving business-scape of Wilmington. They also indulge our acknowledgement toward support of local businesses, which puts money directly back into our local economy.

The most important aspect to encore’s Best Of is the camaraderie it brings out of us all. The gratitude for reaching success wears well on everyone’s faces. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of Wilmington on all fronts: arts, business, media, humanities and everything in between. Moreover, we love that our readers don’t mind expressing their love for it either.

We often get calls asking for information on the innerworkings of Best Of. To clarify, allow us to map out our ground rules:

• Ballots were collected through an online voting system from December 2010 through January 17, 2011.
encore employees never determine the winners; the readers of encore determine the outcome.
encore reserves the right to secure all voting information, including percentages or amount of votes. With over 130 categories and weekly deadlines, we do not divulge numbers—not because we have something to hide but because five people run this paper and, well, time is of the essence to produce it weekly.
• Only one ballot per e-mail address is allowed to vote.
• Voters must fill out at least 25 categories to have their vote counted.
• We do not use voter’s e-mail addresses for solicitation of encore or Wilmington Media products, nor do we share the addresses.
• We accept that businesses campaign (though, we discourage any bribery or misrepresentation of voters); we are not the NC Board of Elections.
Now, on with the show!
Welcome to week four (out of four), as we introduce the 2011 class of encore’s annual Best Of Reader’s Poll. To everyone who voted: Thank you, from encore and from every business mentioned in all 130 categories.
Goods & Services play
Arts & Entertainment play
Food & Beverage play
Humanitarian, Etc. play

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4 Responses to Best Of 2011

  1. Jeannie Fitzgerald says:

    Just wanted to vote for best tattoo : Studio 7. Clean. Staff is fun, professional and informative. Very clean environment and the best artists.

  2. unknown says:

    There should be a category for Best Convenience Store. There is a category for Best Bathroom, so I think it would fit in somewhere.

  3. Margaret Respess says:

    When does voting start again

  4. BrianB says:

    Congrats to 1207 Crew and Port City Tattoo Crew for always doing the best tattoos in Wilmington year after year, decade after decade!
    There’s a reason both shops have been opened a combined time of over 30 yrs!

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