WELCOME TO ENCORE’S BEST-OF 2013. The Annual Best-Of Contest gives our readers a chance to voice their opinions on the best places to go and cultural events to see and do in the Wilmington area.

Online submission rules: MAKE YOUR SELECTION FROM THE THREE NOMINEES. To make the Best-Of as fair as possible, please consider these additional guidelines: 1. One ballot per person 2. A valid email address is required for each ballot 3. We do not reveal voter count breakdown, not because we're trying to hide anything but because we have over 150 categories! If everyone called wanting to know their placement score, we would not be able to get the weekly paper out, including Best Of results. 4. You must fill in at least 25 categories 5. BUSINESSES: While campaigning for votes is allowed and encouraged, please do not offer special gifts, discounts, or other incentives for votes. Businesses who break this rule will be disqualified at encore's discretion. Let's play fair!

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