Coalescing Behaviors: Grub informs on the delicate balance of diet and exercise through a new event

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GRUB presents a new program to teach people how to eat “real foods” and exercise appropriately. Courtesy Photo

GRUB presents a new program to teach people how to eat “real foods” and exercise appropriately. Courtesy Photo

The new year prompts an increase in gym memberships and resolutions to diet. As January comes to an end, most of these promises for self-improvement fall to the wayside. In an effort to keep people from giving up and quitting altogether, GRUB has organized an event to motivate locals looking for a change. The “Look Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy” class, which will be held Thursday, January 23rd, will discuss how one can get physically fit and offer ways to support an exercise routine with an appropriate diet.

Co-owners of GRUB Ryanna Battiste and Liz Flint-Somerville are dedicated to emphasizing the benefits of “real foods,” which they identify as unprocessed whole foods. Battiste’s knowledge of food comes from an innate niche brought about by an Italian upbringing. The birth of her son and the subsequent discovery that he had a number of food-intolerances led her to reevaluate the food she prepped for her family. By effect, she became well-versed on the secrets of food labels. Conversely, Flint-Somerville didn’t really develop an interest in healthy eating until college when she gave up meat. Finding the proper sources of nutrition blossomed into a passion. Their modern-day, back-to-the-basics approach aims to educate on how this form of sustenance accentuates an exercise routine to achieve wellness and weight-loss goals.

They hope the class will provide quality information and inspiration. As the saying goes, “No two snowflakes are alike.” So, Battiste and Flint-Somerville maintain a goal to allow each participant to govern his or her own body and discover what’s best suited for them.

As well, the class will boast the insights of guest speakers. When seeking the knowledge of local health gurus, they knew Battiste and Flint-Somerville knew exactly who to got to. Both local affiliates of GRUB, Leslie Talbott and Lisa Dozier perfectly embody the wisdom they hope to share.

Talbott, GoGirl Fitness Studio owner, will inform on ways to stay in shape. She will guide attendees through the difference between physically fit and physically active. In addition, Talbott will talk on the various modes of exercise and improve ment of health. Her classes at GoGirl fitness include everything from yoga and pilates to body-weight training and dance. Attendees interested in getting first-hand experience with the exercise regimens can claim a free pass to some of her actual demonstrations at the session.

Complementing Talbott’s expertise in fitness will be health coach Dozier, who has taught GRUB’s “Real Food Challenge for Weight Loss” since its inception. Dozier’s keen interest for finding the right foods stemmed from body-image issues that plagued her during her formative years.

“[She] will discuss [her program] Real Food as the best way to nourish and fuel the body; she will also discuss macronutrients and share food-planning, cooking and snacking ideas, and resources,” Battiste tells. Similarly, those who attend the meeting can learn more by taking advantage of the free pass to Dozier’s classes.

Their combined insights culminate in a learning the proper fusion of exercise and diet. Guests can anticipate a myth-busters type of discussion as the speakers will clear up some common misconceptions. They will address issues like not eating enough food, limiting portion sizes, and using a low-fat diet.
“The most common mistake about weight loss and exercise is that people don’t eat enough food,” Battiste informs. “This can confuse metabolism and actually make it more difficult to lose weight.”

At the end of the program, Talbott and Dozier will give a free session of their services to each attendee. “The participants can use the free pass distributed at the end of class to put together a plan of action for themselves,” Battiste includes. The class is limited to 20 guests and takes place in the informal setting of a classroom.

Battiste and Flint-Somerville developed dynamic classes and series, as well as challenges, and consults at GRUB to support members of the community who want to live a more nourished life. These types of classes are put on once a month and are taught by local professionals to augment and support GRUB’s main message of listening to your body and nourishing it with real food.

“Our private consults are in a post-diagnosis capacity for people who know they need to make changes, but are unsure where or how to begin,” Battiste informs. Battiste gives the resources and guidance for these sometimes overwhelming transitions. “Clients have options of how frequently to meet for support and guidance in order to reach their goals,” Battiste continues.

The classes offered include sessions on how to better inspect food labels when shopping and classes that allow participants to take knowledge away from the GRUB’s very own pantry. Among other things, the series of classes teaches on the addictive qualities of sugar and ways to stock one’s pantry with natural sweetness. They also inform on alternatives for other unhealthy tropes, like gluten, which litter kitchen cabinets. Simply replacing these items can improve one’s mood and heighten stamina when working up a sweat in the gym.

If an on-site cooking class isn’t appealing, folks can also learn by having GRUB affiliates pay a visit to their own kitchen. The experience will completely transform the way one lines their shelves.

For those willing to challenge themselves this year, they can find their footing through the “Look Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy” class. Register online at or call 910-632-0464.

“This is our first class about movement and exercise, and we’re excited to explore the larger territory of whole-life wellness, as we know that food alone is not the key to a healthy, vibrant life,” Battiste enthuses.

Look Healthy, Feel Healthy,
Be Healthy
GRUB, 2133 Wrightsville Avenue
Tickets: $20
Thurs., Jan. 23rd 6:30 p.m.

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