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Wilmington’s celebration of independent film has arrived once again, November 10th through the 13th. Cucalorus 17 gets underway, and with it comes a slew of screenings—feature films, documentaries, shorts and even music videos.

“What our organization does is take all that incredible creative energy spilling out of [Screen Gems] studio and focuses on bringing people together to celebrate the artistic side of things,” Dan Brawley, Cucalorus director, says. “That celebration brings travelers from all over the world—many who discover Wilmington for the first time and then return, either for a vacation or to work in the industry.”

Taking place throughout four days, folks will flock to one of four venues within a few blocks of one another downtown, including City Stage at 21 N. Front Street, Jengo’s Playhouse at 815 Princess Street, Thalian Hall main stage and black box theater at 310 Chestnut Street and the Soapbox downtown at 255 N. Front Street, as well as  Screen Gems Studios at 1223 N. 23rd Street, located on the outskirts of downtown.

Last week, encore covered all of the special events taking place during Cucalorus, including Dance-a-lorus, 10×10, the Visual Soundwalls kick-off party (sponsored by encore) and more. This week we dedicate the majority of our edition to the actual films screening at the festival, from a quirky rom-com to a hip-hop documentary, to a dramatic feature and beyond.

Also, a few things to keep in mind during the 2011 event: Pegasorus ($300) and Megasorus ($150) pass holders have unlimited access to screenings and events, including the midnight brunch on Saturday, the filmmaker’s lounge located stage right of Thalian Hall, and all other cool happenings, from “Blue Velvet” location tours to the Norwood Cheek Retrospective. Digasorus and Jibasorus passes are sold out, but tickets can be purchased for individual screenings of films for as little as $10 through The official Cucalorus box office is located in the ballroom at Thalian Hall, and all shorts for the 2011 festival will take place at Cucalorus’ headquarters, Jengo’s Playhouse (also the setting for many late-night parties after the fest’s daily screenings; so beware of after-hours awesomeness, including bonfires and Silly String fights).

Check in with encore on Facebook. We’ll be giving away tickets daily!

The Non Rom-Com:
‘How to Cheat’ is frills-free, honest [more]

More of an Experience:
‘Restoration’ will wash over you [more]

Fuel for Passion:
Dance and film mesh with unique presentations during Dance-a-lorus [more]

Maturing Kids:
‘Amy George’ follows the 13-year-old in us all [more]

Aging Punk:
The fans get younger, the founders become parents [more]

The Great Unveiling:
Vikram Gandhi’s social experiment questions roles of spiritual leaders [more]

A Sobering Story:
Water contamination scandal on Camp Lejeune gets screen time [more]

Sharp and Unsettling:
Psychological drama ‘Silver Tongues’ piques interest [more]

A Girl’s World:
Speaking with Erica Dunton about the award-winning “to.get.her” [more]

On Top of the World:
Local crew members talk production design of ‘On the Ice’ [more]

Cinematic Movement:
Dance and film mesh with unique presentations during Dance-a-lorus [more]

Visual Captivity:
Soundwalls encapsulates the audience at Soapbox [more]

From Screen to Stage:
‘Blue Velvet: The Musical’ will have bare-bones run during Cucalrous [more]

Norwood Cheek talks Super 8 filmmaking and music videos [more]

Smooth as Velvet:
25 year anniversary of local, iconic Lynch film [more]


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