ENCORE LISTENS: Sean Thomas Gerard releases a ‘secret album’

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Local singer-songwriter Sean Thomas Gerard is releasing a “secret album” this week. The full-length solo record, “While We’re in the Blue,” is available for download TODAY, March 3.

THIS WEEK: Sean Thomas Gerard's "While We're in the Blue" will be available for download on March 3. Visit www.seanthomasgerard.com. Courtesy photo.

THIS WEEK: Sean Thomas Gerard’s “While We’re in the Blue” will be available for download on March 3.  Courtesy photo.

“This album is something that I have been chipping away at over the last year,” Gerard tells, “recording bits and pieces when I could find the time in between my other various projects.”

While this independent release reflects Gerard’s known pop sounds, he explains his approach to these songs were different than his work with his full band, Onward, Soldiers. Mainly, these tracks were written using electronic elements to create the foundation of the songs, rather than acoustic guitar. The entire collection of “While We’re in the Blue” is meant to be a soundtrack of sorts to Gerard’s life over the last couple years, “a dreamy mix of repetitive pop songs and heartfelt ballads about love, travel and self discovery.” “Need A Friend” is the single he’s picked off the eight-track record. Give it a listen HERE.

Because Gerard recorded, mixed, mastered, and essentially did everything himself, all he had to invest in the record was time. “It has allowed me the opportunity to release this album for free,” he divulges. “I thought it would be most exciting to release it as a surprise rather than try and hype it up for two months prior to the release.”

Gerard doesn’t plan to play this record live, as to emphasize the special nature of its release. “While We’re in the Blue” can be downloaded from Gerard’s bandcamp page for a pay-what-you-want rate. It also will be streaming for free on Spotify and Soundcloud.

“I’m looking at this as a new approach to releasing music for me,” he explains. “Treating this more as a gift than something I expect people to pay for. I’m hoping to continue releasing music this way as a solo artist, alongside of the work I do with Onward. I think it will allow me to put out more music in the long run and experiment more with recording and writing.”

For more, visit www.seanthomasgerard.com.

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