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EXTRA CUC-Y: More things to do and see during Cucalorus 25

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Augmented and virtual reality films will be set up at the Brooklyn Arts Center Annex downstairs as part of Connect, 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Thursday only. Courtesy photo

Cucalorus is like the official holiday kickoff in ILM. Actually, it’s even better than waking up on Christmas morning to stuffed stockings and presents galore. It’s a five-day jaunt of kooky (Cuc-y) fun, where artists’ creative wells get filled with inspiration and hope, ideas and color, connection and vitality.

All you dear readers have probably flipped through the paper and noticed practically every article is dedicated to this celebration of art that takes place every November. Celebrating 25 years of Cucalorus is no small feat. Its growth has been a welcome development for all arts, from film to music to theatre to tech and beyond. We can’t wait to see what the next 25 years bring.

In case you need more ideas on how to enjoy November 13-17, here are some extras to put on your to-do list.

Let’s get Cuc-y!


Wed., Nov. 13, 7 p.m.
Thalian Hall Main Stage
Tickets: $20-$30

What happens when the language of movement merges with the language of film and music?


It’s an opening-night tradition of the annual festival, and this year is no exception. Ten dancers and more than a dozen artists of all media will come together to showcase a masterful evening of creativity: from Alyona Amata and Emily Bannerman’s “Crook” (blending circular movements of the body with the camera’s pattern of shapes) to Nancy Podgrasyky and Gene Felice II’s “immobilité dansant” (wherein dancers take architectural shapes thanks to projections and costumers) to Mirla Criste’s ode to her dad in “Loft.”

The Great Capitalism Debate
Thurs., Nov. 14, 9:30 a.m.
BAC Annex, Upstairs
Tickets: $15

It’s a debate that’s more relevant than ever as 21% of the United States’ income is earned by the top 1% (who only need to make around $420,000 a year to be in this echelon of people). Whom does capitalism really benefit? And do we need to shift  and modify this model for an ever-changing America? These questions will be discussed by UNCW assistant professor of sociology Dr. Tim Gill and UNCW associate professor of economics Dr. Adam Jones at Connect’s Thursday morning address. The event is moderated by Malaika Paquiot, head of product and design at K4Connect in Raleigh, and is sure to be controversial. Audience members will be able to weigh in with thoughts and questions.

VR Salon
Thurs., Nov. 14, 9:30 a.m.
BAC Annex, Downstairs
Tickets: $15

Virtual reality made its way into Cucalorus when Connect started a short five years ago. Every year since, Cucalorus has welcomed filmmakers, entrepreneurs and tech innovators to share the evolving technology of augmented and virtual reality. Those who dare to pop on a pair of those bad-boy goggles will be swept away into a world of fantasy and intrigue, created by Emma Jaster, Sara Fenton and Matt Pearson in 2019. “Ashe ‘68” follows the moments leading up to Arthur Ashe’s 1968 US Open win, while “Lockstop” showcases a poverty-stricken 10-year old find his passion in ballroom dancing. Stop by the BAC Annex downstairs between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Thursday for a chance to take trippy ride into other worlds.

The Filmmakers’ Party
Fri., Nov. 15, 5:30 p.m.
BAC Main
Tickets: $45

Cucalorus welcomes attendees to Brooklyn Arts Center for even more live music as filmmakers, artists, creatives, and film fans gather for drinks and good vibes. Local rockers Billy Heathen will headline the show with their blend of surf and art rock. Before that, Wilmington’s The Frondeurs will bring bombastic flamboyance with ‘60s-influenced indie rock, and Emily Burdette will perform folk-pop originals on acoustic guitar.

Bus to Lumberton
Sat., Nov. 16, 9 p.m.
Jengo’s Backyard

It’s been a walk-through art installation in a downtown abandoned two-story building … a scavenger hunt-slash-5K … a voyeuristic foray into scenes from “Blue Velvet” in Jengo’s Backyard. Now, for 2019, the Bus to Lumberton pays homage to the locally filmed David Lynch classic with an actual bus!

Eldon the Bus is coming to the backyard of Jengo’s on Saturday night for Cucalorus alum Jen West to stage a performance installation, starring Kristin Slaysman and Karl Jacob, with special guests Virginia Newcomb. Will there be a severed ear involved? Huffing gas? Sultry singing, a la Isabella Rossellini? Your guess is as good as ours. Come to find out (must have a pass to enter the backyard).




Tickets: $15 and up

Passes: $80-$400 (limited availability; passes also allow access into filmmakers’ lounge at Thalian Hall and Jengo’s Backyard)

TicketBox: 106-200 Market St.


Thalian Hall, 310 Chestnut St.

Jengo’s Playhouse, 815 Princess St.

Brooklyn Arts Center, 516 N 4th St.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, 111 Grace St.

The Blind Elephant, 21 N Front St. (down Smith Alley)

UNCW King Hall, 601 Hamilton Dr.

Dead Crow Comedy Room, 265 N Front St.

Hell’s Kitchen, 118 Princess St.

tekMountain, 1844 Sir Tyler Dr.


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