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Fierce and Fabulous:

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Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self
By: Christian Siriano with Rennie Dyball
Grand Central Publishing

“Welcome to the dirty 30s!“ my good friends Stephanie Cerutti and Kelly Joyce quipped last weekend on our way to my birthday dinner. We have been friends since high school, and while I feel I’m breaking some kind of womanly code by revealing my age in the first place, I also have to admit I don’t feel old. I questioned: Am I supposed to feel less fabulous the older I get?

Later in the night over Lemoncello and strawberry cocktails, we discussed the reviews encore book club members delivered for the read “Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self” by Christian Siriano. Opinions were glamorously unanimous: Being fabulous is rooted not within how one is perceived on the exterior; rather, “fabulocity” grows from the inside out.

Siriano needs no introduction. His attitude, iconic hair and historic win on season four of “Project Runway” speak for him. Within Siriano‘s debut work, “Fierce Style,” he not only successfully appealed to our hard-core fashionistas dwelling beyond the Port City but also to devoted encore book club members. Inside, fans of Siriano had the exclusive chance to get to know him beyond what they had already witnessed on TV, and ask him questions not asked anywhere else. Frequent club contributor Michelle Wunder was among the first.

“I think Siriano’s tips about feeling good about yourself are among the most important messages of the book,” she wrote. “It‘s not all about UGG boots being out of fashion or Gucci and Pucci. It’s about feeling good with who you are and being confident in whatever you wear. At least, this is what I derived from his work, and this is why it’s perfect for any lady’s library.”

Other bookworms, such as Natasha Bomrito and Donna Lacroix, chimed in to ponder Siriano’s true incentives for publishing “Fierce Style.” Was it purely for the material, or was there a deeper motivation? Despite being insanely busy launching his new business, Send the Trend—which will bring accessories and style to the online consumer—and continuing his ready-to-wear line at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, Siriano put encore fans first.

“I really felt that, at the time the book launched, it was the perfect time to help people and my fans feel better about themselves,” he replied. “It was a book about finding inner confidence. I wanted this to not just be a guide about style and fashion but to make it personal for everyone.”

Within “Fierce Style,” Siriano also followed through with his pledge to be open and honest. He candidly shared the struggles he overcame to get to where he is today, including how the repeated use of the term “fierce” has affected his life.

“I love ‘Fierce Style,’ but the word ‘fierce’ became a bit overkill in my life,” Siriano confessed. “I would love to do another book, maybe about dressing for your body shape. I also think a book about how to find the perfect wedding dress could be fun to do.”

A second book is something everyone in the book club will undoubtedly look forward to, especially for repeated club participant, Jessica Staruck. “He did more than provide club members with the typical guidance and inspiration when coordinating cute clothes, sexy shoes and accessories,” she said. “He made his book different and far from usual stock fashion-style guides by being open and honest with his roots. What I find most important: Siriano definitely traveled beyond the exterior. His book wasn’t solely about what to buy to fit in, impress others or what you may find in his purse. And I find that really fabulous!”

Truly, Siriano made fashion as a whole relatable to even the most economically savvy shopper by reflecting on his own upbringing as a creative, artsy, theater-loving child in affluent, nautical town of Annapolis, Maryland. Perhaps, unknowingly, by doing so he gave reason and importance to rising above the cookie-cutter norm and being true to one’s self. This is a great trend we can utilize outside of our closets.

Cavalli, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Gucci—sure these labels are a thrill to own, but as readers discovered, being fierce and fabulous has more to do with who is on the inside. That being said, being with my girls for my birthday made me feel forever young at heart and ready to take on the world. That’s what living a fabulous life is really all about—at any age. That is the true meaning of being “fierce!”

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