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Sweet n Savory Pub—a.k.a The Pub—revels in  burgers, fries, and saccharine milk shakes. Wilmingtonians’ taste buds may erupt when snacking on their delectables, but taste doesn’t always revolve around food. The Pub also displays local musical talents to tantilize the eardrums, while patrons dine  on their favorite fare. This Saturday, May 17th, brings with it the Mini Music Festival at The Pub, featuring Overtyme, Dubtown Cosmonauts, and Travis Shallow with A Few Good Liars.

few good liars

Travis Shallow’s band A Few Good Liars will play as part of the Mini Music Festival. Courtesy photo

A quartet, Overtyme specializes in classic music the bandmates listened to in childhood. Founders Paul Cappadona (vocals/guitar/drums/percussion) and Pete Weppler (vocals/bass/mandolin/percussion) formed the band when they met and realized they were two guys around the same age who loved the same music. “It was kind of by coincidence,” Cappadona says.

The happenstance bore a brotherhood that’s lasted for about 22 years. They play weddings and parties, and offer music which spans different decades and genres. They can play as an acoustic duo  (guitar/bass), an acoustic trio (guitar/bass/congas), and as a full band (acoustic/electric/drums/bass).

Though they lost half their original outfit, Overtyme still lives on thanks to their current members Bob Skane (vocals/guitar) and Rupert Bryan (vocals/guitar), who joined the lineup over five years ago.

“We really just love playing,” Cappadona says. “It’s what we do in our spare time. Our overtime.”

Also stepping up to the mic during the festival are the Dubtown Cosmonauts (DC). The local band boasts a funk/rock prowess. Currently comprising Justin Heter (drums/vocals), Tom Shaw (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Alex Voutsinas (bass), and Nick Gliarmis (buitar/vocals), DC began as a side project. It was like a musical highway, where performers could come and go to express themselves. Recently, DC has transformed with Heter and Shaw as the only two original members remaining. “At first we’d book a show, have roll call, and see who could make it,” Shaw quips. The band has had up to nine people perform with them onstage at once. At times, whenever old friends come to town, they expand their stage prescnce. “That makes everything a blast,” Shaw explains.

DC comes highly maleable, sometimes they’ll play straight Motown and James Brown; other times they perform funky rock. They even learned reggae tracks to share with Sean Gregory of Signal Fire. DC takes on an electronic presence when playing live, reminiscent of The Disco Biscuits or Lotus.“Geppetto’s Untz” is an elongated original that takes flight with electric guitar tendencies and gets the crowd moving. The band focuses more on live performances than spending their time and money in the studio. “[The studio] kind of defeats the purpose of why we’re being a band,” Shaw explains.

The spontenaity of the stage gives them  bouts of fleeting greatness; however, they  do boast a full, live set from their gig at Wisteria festival (available on SoundCloud). “The beauty of that is the fact we didn’t know we were being recorded,” Shaw says. “That show is no pressure and all fun.”

They have done some studio recordings. Popular jam “Nelly Burger” gives off upbeat, funky vibes. “Funk Pump” is another soulful rendering, and “Not Too Shabby” is a 10-minute jam as kicks ass on the recording as it is live.

As far as the songwriting process goes, Shaw and Gliarmis come up with the ideas before figuring out their parts. Then they present it to the rhythm section. Everyone gives input, “Justin does a great job of arranging the songs and coming up with interesting endings,”Shaw says. Presenting it to Wilmington music fans is the fun part. “We try our best to keep it fresh for them so they’re not seeing the same show every time,” Shaw continues.

Though DC plays various spots locally, the smaller, more intimate venues always remain favorites. It’s up close and personal. “[There’s] nothing like playing for the kids that are all in your face,” Shaw confirms. Either way, DC comes to party. “We try and have more fun onstage than the crowd does in the venue,” Shaw says.

Travis Shallow will play the festival with the acoustic trio A Few Good Liars (AFGL). As a natural singer/songwriter, Shallow aims to create music that the audience loves and longs to hear. Though he’s recorded records with AFGL, the musician currently is focused on the release of his first, self-titled solo album. The transitional record will establish Shallow as “a musician’s musician.”

AFGL’s critically acclaimed “Battered Wooden Body” truly displays Shallow’s songwriting skills and wonderfully haunting lyricism. His words will stay with listeners long after the tracks end. Blending Americana, rock and soul, along with his raspy Southern voice, he bleeds passion. “Space Between the Bedsheets” features a keyboard solo that breaks the heart while Shallow’s guitar lick mends it. “Pinocchio” displays soothing vocals, harmonizing a conversation between a boy and girl. Shallow brings soulful energy to every show.

While most music festivals are vast and loud, The Pub presents an intimate collection of amazing local talent .This miniature celebration marries great music and food—an indulgence for all the sense, really.


Mini Music Festival

Saturday, May 17th
Sweet ‘N Savory Pub
2012 Eastwoon Rd.
12 p.m. • Free

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Thomas Chuvala

    May 18, 2014 at 9:20 pm


    Thank you for the great review, The Pub is really bringing a whole new level of fun to it. We look forward bringing more Mini Music Festivals in June & July. If you email me at I will forward all the info to you.

    Tom Chuvala
    Marketing Director for SNS Cafe/Pub
    Social Vanguard Media

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