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Letters to and from the Editor

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From the Editor…

Encore is turning 35 this week, (and, full disclosure, it’s my 20th year working for the publication—hold on a second while I grab another shot of tequila…). While some folks may not blink an eye at 35, well, according to science, we now have reached full brain maturity. So how ‘bout that! Also, we can officially run for president (but who wants that job?)! We’re also pretty sure we’re getting early acceptance into AARP!

To celebrate we have a few things lined up this month that you, our lovely readers, will be able to enjoy and celebrate alongside us. First off, check out our new spiffy pages. Easy reading on local happenings and events have never looked finer. We want our fresh mid-30 vibes—sleek, streamlined, modern, edgy—to spread far and wide. Our new website design matches, too, at, so many thanks to Sage Island for giving us a facelift on the world wide web.

In our July 10 edition, we will have a special “35 and Fly” Deal of the Week. We’ve asked multiple institutions in town that have served ILM for at least 20 years to offer up limited half-priced gift certificates at Starting next Wednesday, you’ll be able to enjoy great offers across our city, so be sure to sign up at to get the newsletter sent to your inbox so you can find out immediately when new gift certificates go live.

The third Friday this month, July 19 to be exact, we’re celebrating our summer art show at Coworx in The Cargo District—our homebase. It will feature four artists from our district’s businesses, including Tom Dorgan, Grace Brookshire, Ebbing Branding, and Caroline Heck. It’s free to attend, with wine from Mon Ame, beer from Waterline, music from the folks at Gravity Records, plus snacks from Pine Valley Market … and birthday cake! Yay! Also, there will be paintings up for a silent auction, with monies benefiting Surfrider Foundation.

The last week of July we will launch our newest program to add to encore’s ever-growing platforms. Not only do we put out the number-one weekly arts and entertainment magazine in ILM, we host three restaurant weeks a year (Wilmington in January, Pleasure Island in March, and Wrightsville Beach in October) and bring folks money-saving deals every week through

Next on our agenda:

It will be an all-local ticketing platform for businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and individuals to post their tickets for the community-at-large to purchase. As well, it will be another go-to calendar to find out the best things to do and see and participate in across town. It will come with encore perks galore—for both users and venues that utilize it as their ticketing platform.

The first tickets to go on sale at will be early-bird tickets for our annual 12 Tastes (or more!) of Christmas, slated for Thursday, December 12. Tickets are $50 normally, but starting July 24, we will release a limited general admission amount for only $35 and limited VIP for $50 (normally $75). The tickets include tastings of bites and sips from over 30 eateries set up at the Brooklyn Arts Center in the midst of the holiday season. Carolers bring joy with seasonal songs, folks dress up to vie for best dressed according to the theme—“A Christmas Story”—and raffles are available throughout the night. Attendees also can vote for Best Bite, Best Sip and Best Decorated Booth, plus throw in their vote for the 2020 theme.

In other words, our mid-30s aren’t slowing us down. We hope you’ll stay along for the ride! Cheers!

Readers respond to Anghus’ review of ‘The Long Shot’

OK, whatever your name is, it wasn’t “Casablanca.” But your over-the-top ranting and raving isn’t deserved. It’s a cute little romcom that is entertaining. Contrary to what they told you at film critic school, not every show needs to be Oscar worthy.

I’m a Theronaphile. While the part didn’t require Vanessa Redgrave acting skills, she did a very good job. If she invited me to the premiere, I would have been there. I even love her work on TV ads. So, yep, if she played the dog in “Sylvia,” I’d go to see her.

And Rogen did not just do his same old schlick, contrary to your lopsided view. He did look amazed when Field actually fell for him. And there’s nothing wrong with being a character that we recognize. Are you suggesting Rogen play Hamlet? SMH

Wish you posted your name so I could press the delete key on your future reviews.

—Ric Bertolotti, posted online

[Ed. note: Anghus’ name is credited on all of his reviews, even online.]

Oh my Lord! Saw this last night and agree 100 percent. I forced myself to stay for the entire movie and it was an effort. Films don’t have to be realistic and I can understand Seth douche Rogan loving it—he gets to kiss Charlize, but how did this script ever attract someone like Charlize Theron? Seth Rogan was fun and funny 15 years ago when I was 25 years old, but now I’m 40 and Seth is still doing his same boring, undergraduate shit-regaling stories of getting a semi-boner at the age of 12. Wow, he still takes drugs: so edgy and cool and funny.

Charlize is beautiful, and elegant, and a bona-fide movie star, but this film was a piece of garbage. As a comedy set in a political world, it felt like something written by a 17-year-old high school student wanting to be profound.

 —Emily, posted online

LOL—you must love Bollywood, the Marx Brothers and “Pretty Woman.” I’ve seen this movie. Sitting here in a parking lot in sunny Alabama, the day after watching our senate pass the most restrictive anti-abortion bill on order to maybe take on Roe v Wade and knowing people who want to have kids can’t afford to, I’m glad to see a romantic comedy where the successful president candidate chose their spouse and the environment.

LOL, we get real politics a lot here. I’m good with “The Long Shot.”

—C. Ford, posted online


I have been a huge fan of Encore for many years … and still am! However, I am SO disappointed in the crossword puzzle this week. I would always look forward to doing them. THIS ONE is not the least bit interesting or challenging. Please go back to the old provider or one comparable! It is one of my weekly rituals that I hope I can still enjoy.

Thanks! Linda Burbank

[Ed. note: We have gone back to the original provider—many thanks for your feedback!]

I really like doing the crossword in the magazine, but puzzles are being recycled. I can understand if they are puzzles used from a few years ago but this weeks puzzle was recycled from this year, maybe only a few months ago, this is not the first time this year either. I hope this is something that can be remedied.           

 —Eddy Johnson, Facebook

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