Encore continues its election coverage with an interview with David Rouzer, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress’ seventh district. We have sent the same questionnaire to his opponent. We will afford the same platform to both sides, and we hope this will provide an opportunity to learn more about the candidates and their plans for Wilmington. Though Washington might feel far away, decisions are made there that impact our daily life. Please, take the time to get to know the candidates and their positions, then make a date with yourself to vote on November 4th. It might be the most important thing you do all year.

secondDavid Rouzer Official Campaign Headshot April 2012

encore (e): When and why did you decide to seek this office?

David Rouzer (DR): I am running for U.S. Congress because I believe we have a small window of opportunity to turn things around in this country. Right now, we have a government that is too big, spends too much, taxes too much and creates nothing but headaches for our small businesses and farm families. We must return to the founding principles of individual liberty, economic freedom and a much more limited government. As well, [we must] get back to the moral and spiritual principles that made this country great.

e: What is the central issue of this election for you?

DR: In Congress I will focus on eliminating rules and regulations that are making it difficult for our small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and prosper, work to repeal and replace Obamacare, and work to cut spending, so we can grow the economy and create jobs. I also will be a strong advocate for the infrastructural needs unique to our coastal communities, such as working for long-term funding solutions for the dredging of our waterways and inlets, as well as beach nourishment and renourishment.

e: Tell us where you stand on fracking?

DR: It is pasttime for America to become serious about energy independence in order to continue to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. I support an all-of-the-above energy policy that will enable us to tap all of our energy sources, including fracking, provided that the most advanced techniques and equipment are used to ensure environmental safety. 

e: Tell us how your platform supports small business?

DR: Our small businesses, entrepreneurs, and farmers are the economic engine of this state and nation. We must create a business climate that is friendly to capital investment and job creation. We do that by getting rid of burdensome rules and regulations that are killing our banking industry, particularly our community banks, and that are making it difficult for our job creators to get access to credit. We must eliminate rules and regulations that cost unnecessary time and money, including repealing Obamacare. We also need to reform our tax code so that it enables those who work hard and do well to keep more of their money, allowing them to reinvest in and grow their businesses. Profitable, growing businesses are the only way to produce more good paying jobs. 

e: How do you plan to generate income for our local economy?

DR: Our coastal communities are vital to our economy in the seventh district and a treasured area of our state for all North Carolinians. In Congress I will be a tireless advocate for those issues unique to our coastal communities. I will work to find long-term funding solutions for the dredging of our waterways and inlets, beach nourishment and renourishment, and our other infrastructural needs. I also will work to protect and improve the federal floodwater insurance program, which is vital to our real-estate market here and a key component of our local economy. I also will work to cut federal rules and regulations that defy common sense and that are harming our small businesses and farm families all across this district.

e: What are your thoughts on the proposed sales-tax cap?

DR: The state legislature is dictating to local elected officials on this one and I’m not a fan; however, that matter aside, lower taxes and less government spending promotes economic growth by encouraging innovation and rewarding the hard work necessary to produce new innovations that benefit all of society. 

e: How do you feel about a national minimum wage?

DR: If our businesses were not so overburdened by the government they could do what they do best: innovate and create jobs. The marketplace naturally would support wages far higher than the minimum wage. Unfortunately, excessive rules and regulations, wasteful spending, and ill-conceived laws like Obamacare have overburdened small businesses, resulting in the sluggish economy we have today.  When we get the government off the backs of our small-business owners and make America the most attractive place to invest, the economy will grow and far more jobs will be created. 

e: What is your vision for our community in two years? In five years?

DR: Our small businesses and farm families are the backbone of our community in Wilmington, and I will work to provide them relief from an overburdensome federal government so that their operations can grow stronger and prosper. Additionally, a sound infrastructure is critical to economic development in the Wilmington area, from roads and bridges, to water and sewer, to beach nourishment and renourishment, to the dredging of our waterways and inlets. My goal is to help put in place long-term funding solutions for these infrastructure needs so that we can create more jobs and continue to enhance our quality of life here.

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