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SWIMMING WITH THE CREATIVES: Local band and UNCW grads Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine will play the Atlantis release party. Courtesy photo

SWIMMING WITH THE CREATIVES: Local band and UNCW grads Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine will play the Atlantis release party. Courtesy photo

Atlantis, the collegiate magazine of UNCW, is more than just an award-winning publication of literature and art. Founded in 1971, Atlantis is a creative force for sponsoring the catalogue of student work, including art exhibits, readings, multimedia events, musical performances and literary contests.

Summer 2009 marked the publication of Atlantis’ first summer issue; since the magazine’s annual output has reached three editions. Next Thursday, the fall issue will be showcased and released at The Calico Room on November 21st. The release party is one of many Atlantis events that occur in the Wilmington community.

Senior Ally Favory, the magazine’s 2013 editor in chief, studies art and will graduate in December. She was awarded the Ann Flack Boseman Scholarship, selected annually by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History at UNCW. Currently, she has her own solo exhibition at the Boseman Gallery, featuring sculptures created from wood, steel and handmade paper. Originally starting off as the photography editor her freshman year, Favory’s passion for art spilled over into the magazine. She has ignited big changes to come for the student publication. Alongside Dan Dawson, layout editor, they hope to thwart the label of “student magazine.” They want the community to view Atlantis professionally.

“This year’s layout is somewhat of a redesign,” Dawson says. “I knew I had to ease our existing staff and readers into a more transitional change. The fall issue is clean; Ally and I decided on simple geometric line drawings and ample white space as the basis of our layout design. It’s kind of like a new beginning.”

The student publication has suffered due to constant pulling and tugging in different directions, a consequential result of the magazine’s quick turnover of student staffs. Even though each issue reflects a unique and quirky individual staff, Dawson believes the magazine could establish more consistency.

“My goals this year are to develop a working style manual—something Atlantis is lacking despite our considerable history since 1971,” he notes, “to set the bar for our design, while allowing room for each staff and layout editor to impose his or her own artistic flair. Atlantis is moving upward and will definitely be recognized as a creative voice in the UNCW and Wilmington community in a few years’ time.”

The student publication brings together hundreds of submissions of prose, poetry, photography and art across the state. The magazine accepts all student submissions, undergraduate or graduate, as long as they are attending a North Carolina university or community college. The thriving creative culture in not only the university but locally, is what makes the magazine flip-worthy. Without creative contributors, the publication would cease to exist. The local community and students active in the arts shape the next issue. It may be unpredictable and bold, and although minor changes will be made to establish simplicity, Favory ensures readers will not be disappointed.

“We want every issue to still have its own unique character, from the individual staffs and contributors, but now readers will be familiar with our product and more thought can be put into a constant improvement of the publication,” she says. “I am so thrilled with our final product. The entire staff put in a bunch of extra effort this semester and it certainly shows.”

Atlantis holds events locally, including “Atlantis with Love,” the last Tuesday of every month at various locations around town. Recently, the magazine held their second annual poetry slam, an even bigger hit than the first year. Three lucky winners walked away with Pomegranate Books gift cards.

The magazine is currently accepting all creative submissions—art, photography, poetry, prose—for their spring 2014 issue through November 15th at Submitters, contributors, and supporters alike are welcome to attend the fall release party of the magazine’s 66th issue. Guests attending the release party will enjoy music performed by local bands Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine, Jules Britt and Routine Man. There will be stations set up for body art and face-painting, as well as a photo booth, where the magazine editors will post guest photos on Atlantis’ Facebook page. The PTs food truck will be present during the duration of the event, so folks can grab a bite to eat. Of course, the fall 2013 issue will be revealed and released for free to the public.

Atlantis Magazine Release Party

The Calico Room • 107 S. Front St.
Nov. 21st, 7:30 p.m.
Free, 10 plus
Featuring music by Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine, Jules Britt and Routine Man

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