Meet #BeyonceTheDog: Encore Pet Cover Model Contest winner, in all her cuteness

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BURIED IN ADORABILITY: Six-month-old Beyoncé is the proud fur baby of Nick Gray. Courtesy photo

Beyoncé manages to conjure a variation of images. Perhaps some automatically envision “All the Single Ladies”—maybe even Justin Timberlake on “SNL” giving his own take of the famed black-and-white video. Others may imagine B’s hubby, Jay-Z, and their adorable family with Baby Blue. For Nick Gray, when the word “Beyoncé” gets uttered, a perfectly scruffy, happily fiesty, and most insanely cute creature from the Land of Superior Adorability comes running to his beckon call.

Meet encore’s annual Pet Cover Contest winner, one Beyoncé Growls—also known as “Queen B,” “Bey Bey Bey,” simply “B,” or “Little Lamb.” “I hate that one,” the 6-month-old pup barks out. “I also have a hashtag, ‘#BeyonceTheDog.’”

Queen B. was Nick Gray’s Christmas miracle of 2013. As it turns out, Gray—who most will recognize from working downtown at Husk—shares living quarters with Freaker USA’s head-honcho dude, Zac Crane. Crane’s famed pup, Mr. Pete, just so happens to be Beyoncé’s pop.

“I showed up to visit, looking stone-cold cute,” Beyoncé reveals. “I didn’t have a home yet, and it only took about 10 seconds before I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“I hadn’t had any plans to get a dog,” Nick adds, “as we had three in the house already. But, as the cliché goes, it was love at first sight. Everyone was glad to get to keep some of the family together.”

Since that fated day, Beyoncé, Pete, Nelson Danzig Mandela, and Girlfriend have been running the show. “Like a dog hotel,” Beyoncé clarifies. “Ridin’ dirty and causing trouble with my dog mates.”

Though not much of a fetcher, she loves to play defense. Often she blocks Nelson from chasing balls and sticks, and she’ll pull on any rope for hours on end. Last week, Beyoncé discovered a frisbee for the first time.

“It’s three times the size of my head, and I look hilarious when I’m carrying it around,” the mixed breed says. “I’ll play with it if I feel like going into cute overload.”

And that’s not too hard to do, especially in the company of the house matriarch, foxhound Girlfriend. According to B, Girlfriend taught her everything she knows. “She helps me get into all sorts of trouble when the humans are away,” Beyoncé tells.

“I’m impressed with what the other dogs in the house have taught Beyoncé—naughty habits excluded,” Nick says.

Oftentimes the little rascal will find Nick’s sunglasses and shred them to pieces. She’s been through a half dozen or more pairs. “I miss my sunglasses,” he says. “But, if my eyes are open, and she’s in my sight, my heart is melting.”

Much like her moniker, the pup loves hip-hop. Her favorite Beyoncé song can’t be pinpointed, though. Whether old-school Destiny’s Child or Sasha Fierce is playing, it all keeps her tail a’waggin’.

“She’s a triple threat, like myself,” #BeyonceTheDog says. “Aside from  dated AOL and MTI references, ‘Bug-a-Boo’ is a hot hit. Sasha Fierce-wise, I go with ‘Drunk in Love.’ Any song that could inspire that crazy Vin Diesel lip-sync video has got to be pretty powerful; am I right?”

When they aren’t dancing, Nick and Beyoncé are doing what pups and owners do: taking selfies, eating (“I’m a Blue Buffalo girl—and, yes, I’m seeking endorsement”), getting/giving rubs (“Nick’s got what I call ‘The Good Good Pets!’), playing, and attempting tricks.

“When I’m not wilin’ out about how excited I am to see someone, I might do a trick or two,” Queen B notes. “But it’s a work-in-progress.”

The dog and human also love to go swimming. “I’m a warrior in the ocean, but it’s in my contract that no one can ever see pictures of me wet,” Beyoncé states. Though this is her first official cover model win, she says more will be in her future. “I’m already signing paw-tographs. I was even Instagram-famous for a day.”


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  1. Ann says:

    Do you still publish pictures of pets in the Wilmington area? Everyone loves their pets and thought it might be nice to dedicate a page to our local pets. Just a thought.

  2. encore says:

    We do a pet edition and cover contest every spring!

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