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LEAD STORY—Trompe l’Oeil Jungle

A conservation biologist at Australia’s University of New South Wales said in July that his team was headed to Botswana to paint eyeballs on cows’ rear ends. It’s a solution to the problem of farmers who are now forced to kill endangered lions to keep them away from their cows. However, the researchers hypothesize, since lions hunt by stealth and tend to pass up kills if the prey spots them, painting on eyeballs might trick the lions to choose other prey. (For the same reason, woodcutters in India wear masks painted with faces—backward—for protection against tigers.)

“Big Porn” Gives Back

(1) In June, the online mega-website Pornhub announced a program to help blind pornography consumers by adding 50 “described videos” to its catalog, with a narrator doing play-by-play of the setting, the actors, clothing (if any) and the action. Said a Pornhub vice president, “It’s our way of giving back.” (2) Later in June, another pornography website (with a frisky name—see inaugurated a plan to donate a penny to women’s health or abuse prevention organizations every time a user reached a successful “ending” while viewing its videos (maximum two per person per day). Its first day’s haul was $39, or $13 for each of three charities (including the Mariska Hargitay-supported Joyful Heart Foundation).

Can’t Possibly Be True

A Government Program That Actually Works: A motorist in Regina, Saskatchewan, was issued a $175 traffic ticket on June 8 after he pulled over to ask if he could assist a homeless beggar on the sidewalk. According to the police report cited by CTV News, the “beggar” was actually a cop on stakeout looking for drivers not wearing seat belts (who would thus pay the city $175). Driver Dane Rusk said he had unbuckled his belt to lean over in the seat to give the “beggar” $3—and moments later, the cop’s partner stopped Rusk (thus earning Regina a total of $178).

One of America’s major concerns, according to a U.S. congressman, should be the risk that if an apocalyptic event occurs and we are forced to abandon Earth with only a few species to provide for humanity’s survival, NASA might unwisely populate the space “ark” with same-sex couples instead of procreative male-female pairs. This warning was conveyed during the U.S. House session on May 26 by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (who seemed not to be aware that gay males might contribute sperm to lesbians for species-continuation).

What Goes Around, Comes Around

(1) In May, the Times of India reported the death of a man known only as Urjaram, in Rajasthan, India, when, while hosting a party, he forgot that while he was enjoying himself, he had left his camel in the sun all day (during a historic heat wave) with its legs tied together. When Urjaram finally went outside, the enraged camel “lifted him by the neck,” “threw him to the ground” and “chewed on his body,” severing his head. (2) The thief who ransacked a community greenhouse in County Durham, England, in July got away, but, according to residents, among his bounty was a bottle of rum that is usually offered only as a constipation remedy, in that it contained a heavy dose of the aggressive laxative “lactulose.” Said one resident, “Maybe (the thief has) left a trail” for the police.

Latest Rights

Air Force Col. Eugene Caughey is scheduled for court-martial in August in Colorado Springs, Colorado, charged with six counts of adultery (a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice) —  which he alleges constitutes illegal discrimination because he is heterosexual. That is, only heterosexuals can have the “sexual intercourse” required for adultery since the UCMJ defines the term as between a man and a woman; same-sex pairs cannot have “sexual intercourse.” (Even if Caughey prevails on the discrimination issue, he faces other, more serious charges that may bring him life in prison.)

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