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Pet-Cover Contest Winner

jazzy1When it comes to pets, we at encore certainly know a thing or two about the adoration held for our four-legged friends. Every encore employee boasts about his and her dog and cat practically daily. We even hold play time in our office, allowing our additional family members to conjoin over a tattered tennis ball and a few joyous barks and meows.

Annually, when we hold our Pet Cover Contest, the excitement over what cutie-pie will grace our front page is shared with every competitor. This year proved no exception, as we received two dozen or more folks vying to present their cutest furry friend to Wilmington. After consulting with our own office animals, as well as allowing our Facebook friends to judge who they thought were the cutest contenders, we were able to secure a winner: Jazzy the Papillon, a new Wilmingtonian by way of West Viriginia.

Jazzy owns the heart of one Kathy Porter, who adopted the fuzzy pup before moving. “I picked a Papillon because I read they stay puppy-like,” Porter tells. “Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not so much.”

Their first day together was spent outside, with Porter ever-so-lovingly attempting to get Jazz to go potty. “She just wouldn’t go,” she says of the 8-and-a-half-year-old. Her strong personality and fiesty demeanor showed on day one and continues keeping life very entertaining.

“She does drive me crazy when she barks at everything,” Porter quips—“her toys, her food, noises, animals on TV; no watching Animal Planet here.” Of course, it all subsides with one look into Jazzy’s sweet eyes and at the adorable tufts sprouting from those bow-tie ears. It’s enough to make the human heart swell 10 times its size. “I love when she rolls around on her back with her mouth open and paws in the air,” Porter says—“so cute!”

We interviewed Jazzy about life in a Papillon’s world, which consists of lots of love and adventure.

Full name: Jasmine, but I have lots of nicknames: Jazzy, Jazzers, Jazz.

Favorite food: Chicken and rice—love it!

Favorite Toy: My stuffed pig! I chewed up my first one when I was a pup, but my grandma got me another one, and I don’t tear it up. It is also used as a “security blanket” when there are thunderstorms or loud noises.

What does your human mom do that most drives you crazy? My mom drives me crazy when she gets up in the middle of the night, or she moves when sleeping and disturbs me. I need my beauty rest.

What do you love most about your human mom? I love that my mom takes me places and plays with my cat ball with me.

If you could spend one day doing whatever you wanted, what would it be? Best day ever would be chasing geckos and toads. I love batting them around, but the geckos can be hard to catch.

Do you have a best friend? No best friend, I’m too protective of my mom to let other dogs around.

Since your photo on the cover was taken at the beach, I assume you love the beach; why? I do love the beach!  This was my first time there since we just recently moved here. I love to explore new places and meet people.

Do you like to swim in the water? Oh, no swimming for me. I used to have a cat brother and sister, and they taught me that water is bad. I do not enjoy getting wet.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would go somewhere that it is 75 degrees, give or take a few degrees, year round.

Do you do tricks? I can stand on my hind legs and dance!

How do you prefer to spend your free time? Naps are good.

Your favorite way to interact with your human mom is how? I love to kiss her nose, especially to wake her up when it is time for breakfast.
Have you ever won a cover-model contest? This is my first cover-model win; so exciting!

Think you have a future in modeling?  Mmm, I am so honored to win this contest that I may just quit while I am ahead! Thank you, encore!








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