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Spirited Sounds of Zombies:

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Featuring John Howie Jr. and the Sweathearts, Phantom Playboys, Noseriders and Dexter Romweber Duo
Space 13 • 1827 Burnett Blvd.
Tickets: $10; doors at 7 p.m.

October 30th


DEX’S DUO: Don’t miss the legendary Dexter Romweber, who will play with his duo, this Saturday as part of Zombiefest, downtown Wilmington. Photo courtesy of artist.

In the Port City, all people need is a good reason to throw a festive gathering for the sheer fun and enjoyment of all. With Halloween steadily approaching, Zombiefest— an event conceived by the Phantom Playboys’ drummer Jimmy “Jungle Jim” Kaylis—will take over Space 13 at 1827 Burnett Boulevard on October 30th. In store: An explosive night of great music, food, adult beverages and, yes, the obligatory Halloween costume contest.

The night’s lineup consists of John Howie Jr. and the Sweathearts first, with a dancing rockabilly show by the Phantom Playboys second, followed by the surf rock of the Noseriders, all of which will lead up to one spectacular finale, featuring the headliner performance by the Dexter Romweber Duo. To Kaylis this event has surpassed being merely a show; he hopes it will be the springboard to better venue awareness and upping the ante on performances hitting the music scene.

“Unless it’s a huge commercialized event, it seems to be a struggle for groups to gain access to venues to make something really cool happen for their music and fans,” he says. “A lot of cool groups bypass Wilmington because of the lack of known space for them to perform.”

Space 13, a design/build studio has padded ceilings, making it optimal for acoustics. The rocking tunes will ricochet off the walls, and into the ears and souls of all ghouls, goblins and witches! Though a costume is not required for entrance, the contest will follow the Noseriders’ performance, with a $100 grand prize. Really, though, the night brings grand appreciation for all things music.

“I thought Space 13 would be an awesome place to bring these acts into,” Kaylis explains. “Dexter Romweber’s last show in Wilmington got rained out, and I thought to myself, Dexter never gets to have a cool show, played all the way through. They need a place where they can really let loose and play hard.” Kaylis utilizes this venue for what is a one-time event, but is not ruling out a continuation of Zombiefests to come. “I knew of this venue, and got the appropriate people involved to make something really entertaining happen, off the beat path and a little more mainstream.”

Kaylis hopes to rattle the standard convention of events brought to Wilmington. Alongside Jimmy Phillips, who’s in charge of sound, there will be accompanying zombie horror film classics played silently on a 10-foot screen behind the performers, all to enrich the ghoulish environment.

“It’s about getting the right people there,” he continues, “and not just the commercialized standard that everybody does around here.”

Other side attractions to the event include the PNAGS roller girls group, who will be skating alongside audience members and celebrating with the best of them, homemade barbeque sandwiches for sale, as well as donations being taken for a cystic fibrosis foundation.

Musically speaking, Wilmington has so much room to grow and prosper. Recognized by Kaylis, this event will push the performance meter in Wilmington to another level. Space 13 will literally come alive with the Halloween spirit for one night of great music, and frightful fun. Drag out those old costumes out of the corner of the closet, lace up the witchy boots, fasten the goblin mask on, or make sure that superman cape is tied on tightly—Zombiefest is sure to be a scream!

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