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  • Coming Back for Seconds:

    Jan 24, 12 • 834 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!No Comments

    He’s back! And this time New York native, author, teacher and photographer Chris Forman serves our Port City a second helping of his beloved, fun and whimsical reads from “The Port City Mystery Series.” Published last September, I was lucky enough to...

  • 921jackcrown

    Jacksonville Crown:

    Sep 20, 11 • 1814 Views • EXTRA! EXTRA!, FEATURE2 Comments

    We’ve all done it. We’ve all poked fun at the Miss America Pageant: mocking the slow wave, the too-perky bikini stance and twirl, or the dramatic wailing the winner breaks into upon her crowning. In the 2000 film “Miss Congeniality,” Sandra Bullock...

  • Homeward Bound: designed by artist from Gypsy Rose Tattoo Shop.

    Decoding Marine Ink

    Aug 31, 11 • 6835 Views • COVER STORY, Decoding Ink2 Comments

    Stewed, screwed and totally tattooed isn’t the most graceful expression, but its originator, Sailor Jerry (or Norman Collins), is known as a sharp, gruff Pacific “sea dog” who is the most infamous tattoo artist to ink the men of our military for over 40...

  • Trailblazer:

    Aug 23, 11 • 869 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!No Comments

    Mary Shelley’s Birthday Celebration Sunday, August 28 • 3-5 p.m. Old Books on Front Street 249 N. Front Street The fantasy and horror genres undoubtedly have huge and dedicated followings. For so many people (including myself...

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    Murder in the Port City:

    Aug 16, 11 • 837 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!1 Comment

    Good food, good wine and good reads work together in perfect unison, like ink on a page. Last week, when I discovered New York-native and author Chris Forman, I knew I was in for a treat. After all, food and reads are in my bag. Forman’s latest mystery,...

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    A Hardcore Read:

    Aug 9, 11 • 984 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!No Comments

    Last week I mentioned to a friend over dinner that encore was expanding its readership to Jacksonville (debuting August 31st). Immediately, I was asked three questions in rapid succession: Am I going to review books like, “Jarhead” by Anthony Swoffard...

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    Love for the NC Coastline

    Aug 2, 11 • 611 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!No Comments

    I’ll never forget an argument I had one afternoon with my sister-in-law’s husband. During their visit, we drove to an Italian deli on Topsail Beach. On the drive we passed gorgeous multilevel houses speckled across the shoreline. Some were finished, and...

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    Book Clubs Popping Up:

    Jul 26, 11 • 3023 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!1 Comment

    Book clubs can be found everywhere. Whether discussed via e-mail and Internet (like our own encore book club) or in person, they exist. More so, their potential is limitless. It really is just a matter of looking and finding the one that fits. Book clubs are...

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    To Larry Lime, Wherever You Are:

    Jul 18, 11 • 2702 Views • Book Club, EXTRA! EXTRA!1 Comment

    The Night Train by Clyde Edgerton Little, Brown and Company $23 At a very young age, I recognized the power of music. For me, the right song performed by my favorite artist took away pain, inspired action and motivated a multitude of smiles. I learned music...

  • 713books

    Difficulty be Damned!

    Jul 12, 11 • 1018 Views • Books, EXTRA! EXTRA!No Comments

    BITCH: In Praise of Difficult Women By Elizabeth Wurtzel Anchor, 7th edition My bitchiest moment occurred in college. My university had inadequate parking for those with physical limitations. Everyday I walked with my books further than what my body could...