Dining Guide – GREEK

The Greeks is a two-store (going on three), family-owned-and-operated Greek restaurant. Since 2011 Chef Georgios Papanikolaou and his family have been giving unwavering attention to detail to their food, which represents Greek culture. The chef picks fresh local produce and proteins on a daily basis. The spices and herbs are imported from Greece, where they are picked wild from the mountains, sealed and then transported here. The family keeps their Greek roots close to their heart; with each dish they are recreating exactly the same flavors that a person will experience should they be in Greece. With a plethora of recipes to choose from and the best gyro in town, the family hopes to expand without compromising an iota of the experience.
124 Princess St.; 910-343-6933.
■ SERVING LUNCH & DINNER: Monday from 10am to 3pm
■ NEIGHBORHOOD: Downtown & Monkey Junction
■ WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA: www.the-greeks.com or www.facebook.com/thegreeksnc

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