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Waiting and Wishing

Missed Connections
Director: Eric Kissack • 77 min.
11/9, 4 p.m. • City Stage
$10 ind. ticket

MAN ABOUT CRAIGSLIST: Kenny Stevenson stars in the funny indie comedy, “Missed Connections.” Courtesy photo

“Missed Connections” is a fairly witty and engaging romantic comedy about a down-on-his luck guy who goes to Craigslist in search of emotionally vulnerable women. The premise is really clever. Step one: Find those “missed connection” posts where someone is looking for a mysterious person they crossed paths with at a certain time and place—say at a stoplight while singing loudly or in a bar at closing time. Step two: Wait until they realize the person isn’t going to show up. Step three: Step in and pick up the pieces, which will lead to a night of raucous pelvis-to-pelvis action.

Neal (Kenny Stevenson) is a nice-enough guy. Becoming an emotional online predator isn’t really his idea. After catching his girlfriend having sex with one of his closest friends, he descends into a depressive nose-dive and is easily manipulated into the role. It turns out the Internet is full of people desperately seeking a human connection, which provides him with a cavalcade of willing partners.

Then, Neal starts to develop a crush on one of his intended “missed connections.” Jane (Dorien Daves) doesn’t seem interested in Neal’s advances, and though he tries to get her out of his head, she keeps popping up when he’s out on the prowl. He tries hard to get into her good graces, but she seems intent on keeping her distance. This, of course, makes Neal even more attracted to her and the hunt begins.

I’d like to think there was some lesson to “Missed Connections”—Some grander moral about preying on the vulnerable or the potential ills of people creeping on the internet for sex. Possibly an allusion that all this technology is, in fact, making it more difficult to find that one missed connection. But not in this movie. “Missed Connections” keeps it real light, and it’s difficult to fault them for it.

The movie is one of those entertaining little yarns: extremely well put together and stocked with a lot of likeable characters. Well written, technically accomplished and light years more coherent than a lot of independent films I see every year. Better yet, the film is actually funny. Sure, it’s humor is a little sophomoric, but I for one like a good comedy that isn’t afraid to not take itself too seriously.

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