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  • Letters to the Editor

    Nov 29, 11 • 671 Views • Letters to the EditorNo Comments

    LETTER TO THE EDITOR “A Black Friday Antidote” A curious article appeared in the leftie blog The Huffington Post, claiming that when the Occupy Wall Street protesters set up their own anti-shopping effort on Black Friday, they revealed themselves to be a...

  • Letter to the Editor

    Jul 5, 11 • 2056 Views • Letters to the EditorNo Comments

    Good morning, Every Wednesday morning I have a bundle of encore papers at my back lobby door, and yesterday [June 29], I didn’t receive any.  My guests love encore. I tell them, “If it’s happening within a 100-mile radius of Wilmington, NC, encore will...

  • declaration of independence

    Live Local. Live Small.

    Jun 28, 11 • 956 Views • Letters to the Editor, NEWS & VIEWSNo Comments

    I like to celebrate the fourth of July by reading the Declaration of Independence aloud. I like to focus on the words and really think about what led a group of people to take such an incredible step. For a small, struggling, disorganized group of colonies to...

  • Letters to the Editor

    Jun 14, 11 • 381 Views • Letters to the Editor, NEWS & VIEWSNo Comments

    Dear Editor: Gwenyfar Rohler’s article “Live Local. Live Small” [from the June 8 edition] describes the importance of infill growth in development in urban areas such as Wilmington’s downtown. Wilmington downtown began as a successful revitalization...

  • encore magazine cover

    Letters to the Editor

    Jun 7, 11 • 423 Views • Letters to the Editor, NEWS & VIEWS, Views31 Comments

    NOT SO PROUD… To Shea Carver and whom it concerns, I have never been so appalled by a cover of a magazine in my entire life [encore, June 1, 2011, “Pride Week”].  Being a member of the GLBTQIA community and having a degree in journalism, I...

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