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  • A Wretched Sight of Royalty:

    Apr 19, 11 • 308 Views • ARTSY SMARTSY, Film1 Comment

    Your Highness Zilch Stars! Starring Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco Beating a dead horse. It’s a metaphor we’ve all used—as is the phrase “one-trick pony.” The first phrase references something that keeps getting brought to our...

  • Solid Academy Nominees:

    Feb 8, 11 • 180 Views • ARTSY SMARTSY, FilmNo Comments

    It’s February. it’s time to review my annual “marathon of nominated films.” It’s an interesting and often daunting cinematic endurance test. Some years I find myself invigorated by the process. Others, I end up with a serious case of film fatigue....

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