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  • A Wretched Sight of Royalty:

    Apr 19, 11 • 168 Views • ARTSY SMARTSY, Film1 Comment

    ‘Your Highness’ may be the worst of 2011 thus farYour Highness Zilch Stars! Starring Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco Beating a dead horse. It’s a metaphor we’ve all used—as is the phrase “one-trick pony.” The first phrase...

  • Solid Academy Nominees:

    Feb 8, 11 • 66 Views • ARTSY SMARTSY, FilmNo Comments

    ‘Blue Valentine’ and ‘127 Hours’ showcase great acting depthIt’s February. it’s time to review my annual “marathon of nominated films.” It’s an interesting and often daunting cinematic endurance test. Some years I find myself invigorated by...